The Macintosh Way: Inspiration for the Little Guy

I’m reading “The Macintosh Way” by Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki), an entertaining read that pulls no punches about his experiences as Macintosh chief evangelist at Apple in the 1980s. The book was written in 1990 yet the stories and inspirational messages still resonate for technology product marketers today. Here’s one particularly inspirational excerpt: “A small team of bright, fearless, and ambitious punks led by a charismatic high priest trying to do the right thing can defeat mediocrity and the status quo. The battle can cost a lot (even the life of the high priest), but it is so magnificent that the … Continue reading The Macintosh Way: Inspiration for the Little Guy

Me First vs Me Too Product Managers

In enterprise software, there are really two approaches to product development: “Me Too” and “Me First”. There are often timing, budgetary and organizational constraints that must be factored in but these are a few common stable characteristics for each type of product manager or strategist. Me Too: Focus on Giving the People What They Want The “Me Too” product people are the planners. Most product people fall into this category. You prefer to iterate slowly and carefully manage product risk by following a proven path to success. You have done excellent due diligence on what your competitors are up to and … Continue reading Me First vs Me Too Product Managers


Read a cool Wired Magazine article about techno-optimism and thought I’d share it. Jason Silva discussed what techno-optimism is: Techno-optimism is a belief in the power of technology to extend our sphere of possibilities, and ultimately a belief that technology helps us solve and transcend problems, limitations and obstacles. Technology sometimes gets a bad rap because of certain consequences that it’s had on the environment and unforeseen problems, but we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to reject our tools; rather, we should decide that we need to make better tools to solve the problems caused by the initial tools in … Continue reading Techno-Optimism

Drinking from a Fire House: Online Resources for Analytics Pros to Stay Ahead

I read a LinkedIn discussion this morning among Business Intelligence and Analytics folks discussing how overwhelmed they are trying to wade through content to find the good insight. A few argued LinkedIn’s value has dropped and advocated for leaving LinkedIn altogether. Even as a marketer, I can see where they’re coming from as I have cut back to weekly digest for most of my groups to avoid being inundated with messages. While I wouldn’t recommend ignoring LinkedIn entirely because there is still quite a bit of good content, here are a few alternatives (or complementary additions) to monitoring LinkedIn Groups … Continue reading Drinking from a Fire House: Online Resources for Analytics Pros to Stay Ahead

Effective Leadership: The Importance of Asking Why

There was a blog entry posted today arguing leaders should not ask ‘why’ and instead focus on asking ‘what.’ The author, who writes excellent posts on leadership  argued why was a backwards looking question and served no purpose beyond the psychologist’s couch. He couldn’t be more wrong. A good leader can turn even a poor/costly decision into a learning experience so it does not happen again. A former boss (a CEO) once told me in my first job out of college, “even if you crash the car, tell me about it.” If I messed up, I took his advice and … Continue reading Effective Leadership: The Importance of Asking Why

Leveraging Social Media to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

It’s the age old debate – sales vs marketing. Sales is measured through revenue, marketing is measured-ish…yeah. So here’s my take on a way marketing can be strategically measured while adding value to the sales process (easily and for free). One way to capture and measure marketing effectiveness that we do is to aggregate social media mentions quarterly and turn them into PDF marketing documents. By showing the baseline and then the positive change, you’re demonstrating the positive growth of your marketing share within the target market, while simultaneously providing sales with a tangible document. Example: if your org’s tweets … Continue reading Leveraging Social Media to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Montreal Moments

Just got back from an enjoyable weekend in Montreal, Quebec and wanted to share some great spots I visited to give some travel ideas should you visit. Accomodation: Marriott Westmount, 2170 Lincoln Avenue A short walk from the Atwater Metro Station this hotel is both reasonably priced and well located. Park around the corner in the seminary lot for $15 / 24 hours. Active day out in the city biking itinerary: Start off with a free breakfast at the Marriott then walk to Atwater Metro around the corner and purchase a day pass for$7 and check the Montreal Metro Map. … Continue reading Montreal Moments