ImageJust bought my tickets over the weekend for “Football at Fenway” and I’m PSYCHED! The Liverpool section sold out immediately but there are still plenty of tickets available in both the Roma supporters and neutral sections.

If you haven’t yet, this is a must for Liverpool and Roma fans – but neutrals will get a treat as well.

Buy tickets via the sox site here.

If you are new to Fenway and want to know what your view will be like before buying, here are a few recommended resources.

Use the handy Fenway Park 3d seat finder to get the view from your seats (just click on your section).

Avoid those pesky obstructed views – this great resource tells you exactly which seats in which sections will have an obstructed view. Good idea to have this open as a cross reference when you’re buying tickets.

How to get to Fenway – recommend taking the Green Line to Kenmore (The night of the game you’ll see literally thousands walking around the city and T stops in Liverpool jerseys so ask someone if you need to). Parking is scarce by Fenway and driving around there before game time is an adventure to say the least.

Enjoy the game! YNWA


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