Drinking from a Fire House: Online Resources for Analytics Pros to Stay Ahead

Drinking from a Firehouse?
Drinking from a Firehouse?

I read a LinkedIn discussion this morning among Business Intelligence and Analytics folks discussing how overwhelmed they are trying to wade through content to find the good insight. A few argued LinkedIn’s value has dropped and advocated for leaving LinkedIn altogether. Even as a marketer, I can see where they’re coming from as I have cut back to weekly digest for most of my groups to avoid being inundated with messages. While I wouldn’t recommend ignoring LinkedIn entirely because there is still quite a bit of good content, here are a few alternatives (or complementary additions) to monitoring LinkedIn Groups for analytics professionals.

1) Create a twitter account and follow #businessanalytics or similar, specific hash tags. This will short list the latest news and insights pertaining to that topic. It gives you an opportunity to short list trusted sources and follow ONLY them (if you prefer).

2) Subscribe to one of the Twitter Daily newspapers which aggregate all the news and insight on any given topic and emails it to you.

3) Join the International Institute for Analytics (IIAnalytics.com), Analytic Bridge (AnalyticBridge.com) or subscribe to SmartDataCollective.com or AllAnalytics.com. Another top resource is Deloitte’s Real Analytics (realanalyticsinsights.com), which organizes analytics by topics with regular contributors, debates and featured LinkedIn discussions for you.

These are high value, spam free “gated” communities full of content for analytics professionals like you.

4) Subscribe to Google Alerts for only the key words you care about to stay up on news and content via email on a daily basis.

Hope this is useful. Comment below with additional helpful online analytics resources, but this is a start.


2 thoughts on “Drinking from a Fire House: Online Resources for Analytics Pros to Stay Ahead

  1. Twitter lists are also a good way to go as well. With Google+ you can create Circles of Analytics-related media or bloggers, and the Twitter Daily newspapers you mention could be Summify, Scoop.it or Paper.li -they are all great.

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