Leveraging Social Media to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

It’s the age old debate – sales vs marketing. Sales is measured through revenue, marketing is measured-ish…yeah. So here’s my take on a way marketing can be strategically measured while adding value to the sales process (easily and for free).

One way to capture and measure marketing effectiveness that we do is to aggregate social media mentions quarterly and turn them into PDF marketing documents. By showing the baseline and then the positive change, you’re demonstrating the positive growth of your marketing share within the target market, while simultaneously providing sales with a tangible document.

HR Tech Daily
HR Tech Daily

Example: if your org’s tweets have been featured or included in a 3rd party Twitter Daily on a topic that your customers would read and/or find value in, it is worth taking a screen shot of the tweet / and or adding it up. We’ve done this and it’s very useful to sales presentations (good power point data, etc). Third party validation demonstrates your organization is able to provide value to the customer as a trusted information source while you’re “soft selling” through marketing. Being able to do this across your marketing programs is a great way to demonstrate measurable value of marketing to the sales process.


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